Botanical artist and tutor

Artist . . .

I find it important to conform to the fundamentals of botanical art in order to provide the viewer with sufficient information to clearly identify the plant. But I also believe that mere scientific accuracy is not enough in the world of contemporary art.

“A portrait artist only succeeds if the character of the subject is infused into the the rendering. Likewise, in plant portraiture, I aim to achieve something beyond merely a scientific classification. As I sketch, draw and paint the plant I become totally absorbed by its unique personality. It’s my goal to transfer the essence of that to the paper with strong visual appeal.”

Tutor . . .

I enjoy sharing my love of this art form by teaching. I started my career as a grade school art teacher but since 2006 have been dedicated to teaching botanical art internationally. You’ll find more information about my workshops for botanical art societies, at botanical gardens, in art schools, and online on my other website dedicated to botanical art education: Access by clicking here.

On my education site I offer updated and edited editions of my well-known workshop booklets. To see the current selection, click here.  

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